Alcy Muluk's style of photography perfectly synergizes with a High-End Post-Production Pipeline. 

As the owner and founder of Obscura CGI - a post production company that strives to push the envelope of photorealism in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) since 2010 - Alcy has at his back a dedicated full-time team of crack CGI artist and retouchers.

For those of you who know their CGI, here's why Obscura CGI has been delivering world class artworks for years:

  • Nextlimit's Maxwell Render Engine - Most Photorealistic Render Engine in the World!
  • Same modelling and sculpting tools as used by Pixar.
  • 128-core dedicated Intel Xeon Renderfarm.
  • Simulated Profoto Lights - 32-Bit Scanned from Alcy's Inventory of studio strobes.
  • Automated 360 Degree HDRI Lighting Simulation solutions with experienced on-location team.