June 20, 1948. Tempelhof. West Berlin. Germany.



At the advent of the Cold War, Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany, was the only place in which US Forces could land their planes to bring in supplies to the Soviet-besieged western part of the city. The locals called these supply planes "Rosinenbomber" - "Raisin Bombers". 

Just a stone's throw away from that historic place was a little convenience store run by Ulrich Muluk. Ulrich was a practical man and named his store "Der Laden am Tempelhof" - "The Store at Tempelhof".

He who rests grows rusty.
— Old German Proverb

Fast forward two generations later. Ulrich's descendants are now the owners of a computer store chain in Germany and several thriving eCommerce Consultant Businesses in South-East Asia.

Some of Ulrich's grandchildren emigrated to the United States. They have vowed to bring the relationship-based buying experience of their brick-and-mortar stores into the largest eCommerce-Market on the planet.

For us, this venture is bringing our family business from Tempelhof in Berlin, to the west - Tempelhof West!