In any race, the last few yards define the difference between everything or nothing.


Our Mission

Brands are not made overnight. Products are not being developed to perfection over the weekend.  Our Team honors that. 

With our expertise in digital advertising, our history of successfully running several brick-and-mortar stores and our habit of always being two steps ahead of the competition, our mission is to make our online retail stores more than just stores: For us, they are places where the customer interacts with your brand and forge relationships with them and with us.

The experience of shopping at an online store should not be any different than walking into your trusted neighborhood store. In both cases trust and relationships matter most.
— Manuela Muluk, Head of Consumer Insight, Tempelhof West LLC


  • Working with markets and niches based on hard-data Consumer-Insights.
  • Aggressive targeting of the back-end of the Sales-Funnel.
  • Consumer-Insight based paid advertising.
  • Multiple avenues of retargeting during the interest and evaluation stages of the Sales-Funnel.
  • Concentrating on creating great purchasing experiences at each of our eCommerce Point-of-Sales
  • Creating trust to guide the customer across the last few yards of the purchasing process and beyond.
  • Hands-on after-sales by real people who care.